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Roof Maintenance Tips for flat roofs

May 23

If you have a flat, shingle, or metal roof it will require maintenance no matter the temperature and location or kind. While some materials will require more maintenance than others, no matter the type, regular inspections, and regular maintenance are highly recommended to extend the life of your roof. This blog will attempt to provide some useful roof care advice that any homeowner or business owner can utilize to ensure their roof stays in good condition and avoid roof repairs. Call now, hamilton roofing services and we will resolve any problems efficiently.

Tip for all types of maintenance

For any type of roofing, the best advice is to eliminate all debris off your roof as fast as possible. Cleaning up debris will not only reveal any punctures, tears or general damage to your roof, however, it also stops huge items like tree branches from damaging the roof! Scratches can trigger a range of issues with roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles, PVC membranes, and metal boards. Call now, hamilton roofing company


Roof Shingle Maintenance

For those of you with asphalt shingle roofing, one important tip for roof maintenance is to look over the roofs for broken or loose shingles! They could easily be disguised in a clump of foliage or dangling from threads. It's sometimes hard to determine whether a shingle is aged and fragile without actually lifting it. Winds that are strong can take them away in any event and create a hole in your roof's protection. You can perform this operation by yourself, however, If you're not experienced then it's recommended to employ an expert in flat roof repair!


Maintenance of Flat Roofs

Bubbles are an obvious warning sign of danger to rubber or PVC membrane roofing. Roof membranes that are flat can become lifted and bloated due to various reasons. Poor insulation or membranes that leak and allow air or water into the roof could cause flat roof membranes to lift and expand. These situations can emerge as due to poor construction or dangerous debris! If the roof bubbles during roof inspection are required, you should call a local flat roof repair professional for a thorough inspection. If welding or patchwork is needed then it'll be done correctly! Roofers can be hired close to you.

Roof Maintenance for Metal Panels

Let's examine metal roofing. Metal panels with a standing seam are the most popular metal type to be used for roofing. Metal roofs in comparison to the two materials described above are much more durable. Metal roofs will not bubble, however, debris destruction is still a problem.


Large scratches caused by fallen debris can cause rusting and weaken the protection of the metal panels. Re-sealing your waterproof coating will be enough to restore its functionality depending on the type of metal used and the severity of the scratch. Large gashes or small holes in the opposite direction may necessitate the use of a new welding process or an entirely new panel installation. Consult the local roof repair specialist to make sure you are using Cadillac Roofing!

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